Random Gems

These selected quotes from Rose provide a magical way to get wisdom when you need it. It can be helpful to first meditate briefly on a question in your mind, then requesting the answer you most need. To get another quote, reload your page.

“You can think of sabotage as a wonderful way to not go in certain directions. You don’t need to consider this a bad thing. You only need to allow the contrariness of life to sink in a bit to appreciate the sabotage of self that you’ve realized in ways that will be providing success in other ways. Most individuals feal that there are ways to live that are picture perfect and, indeed, this is not the case. The case is that life is very contrary, as well as painful and difficult, to say the least.

“To think of life as a perfect storm would be a better description, because the storm you allow yourselves is, indeed, the thing — not your sunny skies. So when you so-call sabotage yourselves, it’s typically a means to get yourselves away from your current situation. There’s no reason to believe that the situation was worth staying in — in any sense of the word. You have many opportunities to allow fulfillment, indeed, so why cling to one way or two ways that you found to be treacherous, in some respects, and trust instead in your contrary way of spirit to be telling you that this isn’t your path. Indeed, the contrary self, in every way, will tell you when you’re messing up, but this is a good thing. You can count on it to really give it to you in a big way. You only need to embrace the contrary self as a gift, as well as a friend, for this is essence speaking to you as well.” ~ Session 202, December 08, 2007